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Our windows are falling out, watermaker is broken and our bank accounts are frozen. Plus, Jason is leaving.
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To say the past week has been a STRESS INDUCING CRAZY FEST would be an understatement. It’s all “fixable” but man, when you’re in the moment it sure seems like the world is working against you. Next weeks gonna get better…that’s what we keep telling ourselves. Our fingers are crossed!

Nikki shared a lot more on our website including behind the scenes photos. She’s also written out step-by-step instructions for the sailboat window removal/replacement – delamination project. It’s not a perfect guide for all sailboats, but if you’re in a Leopard Catamaran like us it should help give you a major head start.

Love from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa

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